第一屆智能技術體驗會議展 ITEWEXPO 2016 @ 上海

第一屆智能技術體驗會議展 由上海弼君企業管理諮詢有限公司主辦,前身為無線充電峰會可穿戴及柔性技術峰會虛擬與增強現實峰會峰會將於20161014-16號上海舉辦。本次會議展首次融合了無線充電、可穿戴和虛擬與增強現實等企業的最新科技產品展示,在聚焦行業分析技術和產品前景的同時,讓每一位參與者感受到智能化技術帶來的新體驗。


  • 強大的媒體報導陣容
  • 150位專業測評員
  • 200位發燒友
  • 每天超過500人次的參觀流量
  • 知名線上、線下渠道商
  • 產品獨家測評專稿與新聞稿發布(數量有限)
  • 現場預售
  • 武漢


The First annual Intelligent Technology Experience World organized by the DEMAND-LED Management Consulting Ltd., which will be held on October 14-16 in Shanghai, China, formerly known as “Wireless Power World”, “Wearable and Flexible Technologies World” and “VR/AR Summit”. The conference for the first time fusion of wireless power, wearable and VR/AR as a whole, experience in focusing industry analysis technology and the prospects of the products at the same time, let every participant to feel intelligent technology brings a new experience.



  • Strong media coverage
  • 150 professional interviewers
  • 200 product fanciers
  • Over 500 participants per day
  • Well-known channel executives
  • Product special interview article release (limited)
  • Pre-sale on site
  • WUHA



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