電影虛擬實境公司Jaunt VR是拍攝與製作360度現場活動、音樂會以及電影的專家。根據Variety雜誌,它們才剛從華特迪士尼、Evolution Media Partners以及China Media Capital(CMC)募集到6500萬美金的C級融資。


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Paul McCartney live concert captured by Jaunt's immersive 360 camera rig!

Paul McCartney live concert captured by Jaunt’s immersive 360 camera rig!



JauntVR Founders

JauntVR Founders

“This round further illustrates our commitment and dedication to advancing the scope of cinematic VR – for filmmakers, storytellers and audiences alike,” Jaunt CEO and co-founder Jens Christensen said. “With the support of these world-class companies, we will explore new avenues, building on our leadership position to deliver amazing VR experiences using best-in-class tools, technology and creative teams.”


Jaunt執行長暨共同創辦人Jens Christensen表示:”這個融資結果讓我們可以進一步增進電影虛擬實境的技術,不軌是為了電影製作人、敘事者或者觀眾。有了這些全球頂尖的公司支持,我們會探索新的途徑建立我們的領導地位,利用最佳的工具技術和創意團隊,提供驚人的虛擬實境體驗。


Rick Hess, founder and co-managing partner of Evolution Media Partners, added, “Brands, artists and creatives are looking to reach and interact with their audiences in new innovative ways, and Jaunt’s expertise provides a groundbreaking medium for exploring these new avenues.”


Evolution Media Partners創辦人暨管理夥伴Rick Hess表示:”品牌、藝術家與創意概念,都會以創新的方式跟觀眾互動,而Jaunt的專業團隊提供了突破性的媒介來開發這些新領域。



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Jaunt募集到的資金將會用在更新他的專業級全景相機NEO的設備以及軟體應用,另一方面也會擴大在LA, Palo Alto以及加州的工作室!

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