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由 Epic Games 製作的「虛幻引擎 4 對決」 是我至今有過排名第一的虛擬實境展示片體驗。我體驗過的對決展示片是呈現於 Oculus Crescent Bay 耳機。


虛幻引擎今天於官網宣佈,在 CES、GDC 和 SVVR 的對決虛擬實境展示片體驗將可透過 Epic Game 快速啓動器的 Learn 標籤免費下載,還有整個虛幻引擎 4 為主的內容資料庫。


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With blazing bullet, floating rocks and destroyed car flying in your face, Showdown is one of the few VR experiences that made my palm sweat!


一年後,仍是最圖像生動、令人印象深刻的展示片,且是一個在虛擬實境中使用 UE4 且精心最優化的傑出實例。對決展示片目前與 Oculus DK2、Sony PlayStation Morpheus 和 HTC Vive SteamVR 相容。


showdown unreal engine


“Developing for VR at the moment, because it’s still the early days, is brutal,” Donaldson says. “The hardware we’re working with is only linearly increasing [in power] rather than exponentially, like the requirements are. And then as soon as you mess something up — you drop a frame — it makes people sick.” Nick Donaldson, Level Designer at Epic Games ( from Polygon )


目前開發虛擬實境,由於仍屬初期,因此是殘酷的,」唐納森說。「我們工作的硬件只是線性成長[電力方面]而非指數成長,如同要求。然後,一旦你搞砸什麼你中斷個關卡會使人不愉快。」Nick DonaldsonEpic Games 的關卡設計師 (from Polygon),在Epic Games公司(從多邊形)關卡設計師


“The goal for Showdown,” Donaldson says, “is that Oculus had their newest prototype called Crescent Bay on the way. It was the first time that Oculus had been 90 hertz, as opposed to 75 for the previous version. The resolution was much higher, the optics were great and the motion tracking was much, much better than the Development Kit 2.” ( from Polygon )


「對決的目標,」唐納森說,「是Oculus的最新原型– Crescent Bay 已籌備上路。Oculus 不同於以往的 75 赫茲版本,第一次推出 90 赫茲。該解析度要高得多,視覺效果非常棒,且動作捕捉比 Development Kit 2 要好得非常非常多。」(from Polygon)




Content Source: Unreal Engine, Polygon




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