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Dave&Buster 新的無線虛擬實境遊戲由 VRcade 團隊製作

根據VRStudio 7月15日的官方宣布,美國餐廳與娛樂連鎖Dave & Buste要在加州的Milpitas創設它的第一個無線虛擬實境遊戲系統。


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 Interstellar Marine’s Bullseye vrcade wireless gaming shooting


這款無線遊戲系統是由VRstudios分公司VRcade製作,已經安裝好兩款遊戲:Time Zombies(時間殭屍)以及Marine’s Bullseye(海洋璇窗),兩款都是射擊遊戲。





“Since 2010, the goal of the VRcade has been to track 8 simultaneous players across 15,000 square feet. This deployment is designed for a single player in a 225 square foot space with much larger, multi-player installations for sale and lease in the near future.” Jamie Kelly President @ VRcade

VRcade的總裁Jamie Kelly:2010年開始,我們的計畫就是要同時追蹤模擬8名玩家在15,000平方呎以內的動作,單名玩家的追蹤範圍達225平方呎,未來會擴增多玩家的追蹤範圍。"


“We are constantly seeking exciting partners with technology that could benefit our system. Our custom headset is also in constant redesign with resolution, field of view, and ergonomics consistently improving as new tech becomes available.” Ivan Blaustein, Director of Product Integration @ VRcade

VRcade產品經理Ivan Blanstein:我們不斷尋找技術夥伴來增進我們的系統。同時我們的客製化頭戴式顯示器在解析度、視線範圍以及人體工學都有革命性的改進。




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