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nVidia 躍進 VR大未來/ Rising of VR with nVidia Gameworks

經濟部數位內容產業推動辦公室(DCIPO)長久以來一直致力於數位內容領域最前瞻技術推廣以及國內廠商培養與扶植。 本次 DCIPO 將聯合 nVidia一同探索數位內容領域的下一個舞台。




本次活動,nVidia將呈現給所有VR開發者一個大驚喜,五個VR產業專屬的SDK,將使VR內容的效能大幅提昇,可以有更快的運算速度,呈現更高的畫質。數位內容產業推動辦公室邀請VR開發者與行家們,體驗VR內容開發的大突破,一起躍進 VR大未來。活動報名請到此頁面,中文場次已額滿,目前可報名下午英文場次。


活動細節 / Event Detail

‪活動名稱:nVidia躍進VR大未來/ Rising of VR with nVidia Gameworks
活動時間/ Time:12/23(Wed) 09:00~17:30
活動地點/ Place:台北市內湖區基湖路8號10樓 (nVidia大樓,近西湖捷運站 )
No.8 Chihu Rd. Neihu Dist., Taipei City
參與人數/ Attendee:80 人(中英文各一場,每場40人)
80 people(Chinese& English section,40 people per section)


nvidia gamework vr


DCIPO has devoted in promoting latest technology in digital content for a while. We will align with nVidia to look into the next platform of digital content.


nVidia has always played a significant role in digital content development. Every high resolution performance, real-time rendering has been involved in with nVidia. At the time when digital content is shifting from mobile device to VR, nVidia is still in her place to support content developers.


This time, nVidia would like to provide a surprise to VR developers. There are 5 SDKs for VR developers, which would make higher resolution and faster calculation in VR content. DCIPO would like to invite VR developers and experts to experience the breakthrough of VR development. Let’s start to go to VR era. To RSVP for the event, please navigate to this page.


參與人員 / Participating Organization & Company





VR 幼幼班



VRR ( VR 虛擬實境數位雜誌 / Virtual Reality Reporter )



VR Developers & Demos

Dilun Ho- Winner of first VR jam in Taiwan

Bryan Tsai- AR wedding application

Zspace- AR

nVidia 躍進 VR大未來活動流程


09:10~09:30 報到
09:30~09:40 開場致詞
09:40~09:55 Demo #1
09:55~10:15 GameWorks VR SDK 專題演講
10:15~10:35 Demo#2
10:35~10:45 DesignWorks VR SDK 專題演講
10:45~10:50 Demo#3
10:50~13:00 NVIDIA Gameworks VR現場體驗 + VR開發者現場demo

(僅開放20人次參與NVIDIA Gameworks VR體驗,每間公司限一人參加。報到時登記,請提早報到)

Notice: 當天活動現場禁止拍照


Rising of VR with nVidia Gameworks Event Rundown ( English Session From 1:30 pm )

Section#2 (英文場次,ENGLISH)

13:10~13:30 Registration
13:30~13:40 Opening
13:40~13:55 Demo #1
13:55~14:15 GameWorks VR SDK
14:15~14:35 Demo#2
14:35~14:45 DesignWorks SDK
14:45~14:50 Demo#3
14:50~17:00 NVIDIA Gameworks VR Demo + VR developers show and tell
(Only 20 people can join the NVIDIA Gameworks VR experience. One person for each company. Reservation at your registration.)

Notice:Photographic is not allowed.




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