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Oculus VR Acquires Pebbles Interfaces

Oculus VR又進行另一項策略性併購了-Pebbles Interfaces,這是間2010年成立的電腦互動專家。Oculus VR在部落格上宣布併購這間以色列虛擬實境新興公司,併購的條件仍未公開,但有傳言說價值6000億美金。


oculus vr pebbles interfaces


pebbles interfaces team

Pebbles Interfaces宣布被Oculus VR併購

“For the last 5 years, we’ve been focused on building a technology that extends human behavior, enabling simple and intuitive interaction with any consumer electronic device. At the same time, we’ve seen virtual reality make huge strides, changing the way people interact with one another.”



“At the forefront of that shift is Oculus, and joining Oculus will help advance our vision building immersive experiences and revolutionizing digital human interaction. Thank you to our partners, employees and investors for your support as we’ve grown. We’re looking forward to starting our next chapter as we join the team at Oculus!”



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